An electric fireplace in your rental home or apartment?

An electric fireplace in your rental home or apartment?

Do you live in a rented house, a small apartment, or do you have limited living space? Installing a wood stove or gas fireplace is often not an option. But what about an electric fireplace?

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We’ve got good news for you! Napoleon's electric fireplaces can be used everywhere. In the living room, bedroom, at the entrance or in the kitchen. It doesn't matter how big or small your room is or in what type of home you live.

You can place an electric fireplace anywhere. The only requirement is the availability of an electrical outlet, whilst a gas fire or a wood stove require a flue or another outlet. Should you decide to move then your electric fireplace simply moves with you. You remove these fireplaces easily from the wall.

An electric fireplace is healthy and safe

An electric fireplace in a rental house or high-rise house has other advantages. In addition to the practical inconveniences of a gas fireplace, such as the necessary flue, using a gas fireplace or a wood stove can be bad for your health and the environment (due to the emission of harmful substances) and could be unsafe (due to fire hazard).

A Napoleon electric fireplace is safe for your health and the environment because nothing is burned. Furthermore, they are protected from overheating. There are no risks of children, adults, or animals becoming burned. So your children and pets can walk through the house without the risk of getting burned by the fire or the heat. In addition, an electric fireplace does not produce smoke, unpleasant odours, ash and dust. Consequently, the air you breathe is clean, and you don't have to constantly wipe the floor and windows because of swirling dust.

No use of gas

An electric fireplace is, therefore, a healthy choice. But there are more reasons to choose an electric fireplace in your rental house or high-rise house. It is well known that gas prices are skyrocketing. Perhaps gasless living will even become a requirement in the future!

Luckily there is an alternative to gas fireplaces. An electric fireplace is a perfect solution if you still want to enjoy a cosy fireplace in your house and stay warm because of the heat it radiates. Do you rent a house, or live in a high-rise building and/or do you have little space at home? An electric fireplace is ideal for quickly generating atmosphere and heat - now and in the future!

A great ambience on or in the wall

Often, you need a lot of space if you (want to) have a fireplace. People living in a small house or apartment might want a fireplace, but they are most likely to decide not to have one. Napoleon's electric fireplaces offer a solution. Thanks to the shallow housing depth, the electric fireplace only protrudes a little into the room. Because these fireplaces are very flat, they can be hung on any wall and in any room.

An electric fireplace is also great for creating ambience in rental houses or high-rise buildings. The flames are so realistic that you could almost think you are looking at a real fire. The temperature of the fireplace is entirely in your control and according to your wishes, offering you the pleasant and warm feeling you want. The colours also look impressive and have a range of settings.

Every house, including a rental house and/or apartment, needs that something extra to create a pleasant atmosphere. One person likes warm and classic. Another prefers a modern and minimalistic style. An electric fireplace can brighten up all types of interiors. There are no limits! Wherever you live, no matter how big, small, dark, light or minimalistic your home is.

Long life span and low energy consumption

Did you also know that an electric fireplace has a long lifespan and a low energy consumption? These are even more reasons to choose an electric fireplace in a rental home or high-rise building.

Are you not yet convinced? Just to remind you: for an electric fireplace, you really only need a socket. The possibilities are limitless! A good ambience is guaranteed, installing it is very simple, you can choose whether you want the electric fireplace to radiate heat (the heat depends on the size of the room), and you have an endless variety of colours and intensity for the flames. Last but not least: an electric fireplace is safe and future-proof.

We are happy to introduce you to one of our many electric fireplaces and help you make the best choice for your rental house, apartment or other location that has an electrical outlet.