Enjoy The Flames - Without Soot And Dust

Enjoy The Flames - Without Soot And Dust

You press the "ON" button on the remote control and the flames begin. Now just sit back and enjoy the moment. Not just a little, but truly - since you know that these flames bring relaxation even to the most unusual of places without soot and dust and give your room that special touch. Impossible? Yes it is - with a Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplace.
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Wherever there is a socket

Fetching wood, storing it and making sure that there is enough supply? Not your problem. You don't need any coal, wood or ethanol to enjoy the cosy atmosphere of a Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplace - all it takes is a power connection. This saves time and effort and is a safe and clean way to upgrade any room.

Brings the play of flames to places where fire is not allowed

Nobody will burn themselves on the glass or metal face: When the heating feature is switched on, only the corresponding ventilation area is heated. A great advantage when there are children or pets in the house. A Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplace also plays out its special advantages in public areas, such as restaurants, bars, hotel receptions or waiting rooms for doctors or law firms: They are true eye-catchers, exude cosiness and have a calming effect thanks to their wide colour range. Above all: No more wood fetching, and the duration of the fire is easily controlled with a timer. The time span can be set to any duration of 30 minutes to eight hours daily. The overheat protection and child safety lock prevent unintentional use of the heating function.

No chimney and no chimney sweep

The installation of an electric fireplace does not require approval by any authority or landlord, not are they governed by any fire protection regulations: A chimney connection is not required, and therefore it's acceptance by a chimney sweep is not required either. The Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplaces are immediately ready for use once they have been mounted to or integrated into the wall and connected to a socket.

Many options for your future favourite spot

Your favourite spot is the most cosy and comfortable place in your home. This might be in the kitchen, in the living or dining room, the hobby room or bedroom. That's because Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplaces are extremely flexible in terms of location. Finally, there are suitable devices for smaller and larger rooms or those with a lot or little light. And the walls the Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplace is mounted on stay clean since there is no smoke. Ash and soot are not for everyone. That's how fire is done today.