Ten reasons to choose an electric fireplace

Ten reasons to choose an electric fireplace

A gas fireplace has been a top-rated product for a long time. But the situation is different these days due to ever-increasing gas prices and the harmful environmental and health effects
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The need and necessity to opt for alternative energy sources is increasing rapidly. An electric fireplace is such a sustainable alternative. Do you want to know what advantages an electric fireplace has compared to a gas fireplace? We list ten reasons why you want to choose an electric fireplace.

1. An electric fireplace is safe

An electric fireplace is very safe compared to gas fireplaces and wood stoves. It doesn’t produce real fire, so it is fireproof. The built-in heating of the Napoleon fireplaces are also equipped with child protection.

There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning when using an electric fireplace (which is the case with a gas fireplace) or of inhaling fine dust (as you do with a wood stove). So you can breathe without any need to worry!

2. Good for the environment

The fact that an electric fireplace does not emit harmful substances such as gas or wood fireplaces does, means it is good for yourself and it is better for the environment. Our fireplaces do not emit anything when in use. When using green electricity, Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplaces are even climate neutral!

3. An electric fireplace looks lifelike

Thanks to the fantastic techniques, the flames seem real. In addition, you decide how high and hard you let the flames 'burn' in the electric fireplace and what colours they have. The use of the latest techniques makes the fire hardly distinguishable from real fire.

4. Low maintenance

An electric fireplace is like a picture in a frame: you hang it up and hardly have to worry about it. Sweeping a chimney, cleaning soot from windows or removing dust from all kinds of nooks and crannies is unnecessary. It saves time and money!

5. A power outlet is the only condition

A gas pipeline? A flue? You don't need any of these if you want to use an electric fireplace. The only thing you really need is an electrical outlet or fixed power source (220 or 240 volts). Set your preferences (such as flame intensity, flame colour and duration) and enjoy a flame game for as long as you want.

6. Easy to install quickly

You can set up the electric fireplace in no time. Mount it on the wall or integrate it into the wall, whatever you prefer! Moreover, unlike with a gas fireplace, you are free to choose any spot in your house. It could be somewhere in the kitchen, the living room or bedroom, or your office, for example. It is up to you!

Moving an electric fireplace is no problem at all, especially when compared to a gas fireplace. Do you live in an apartment? A gas fireplace cannot be connected everywhere, but you will always find a suitable spot for an electric fireplace!

7. Easy to use

Using an electric fireplace is a piece of cake. Set your preferences, turn on the heat and/or flames by touching a button and enjoy a fantastic flame show for as long as you want!

8. Set your own heat

How much heat an electric fireplace gives off is entirely up to you. With the timer function, you can set the heating every day from 18 to 27 °C, from 30 minutes to 8 hours a day. Using the heating function means you can achieve the temperature you wish according to the size of your room.

9. Ambience guaranteed with an electric fireplace

Would you like to bring the cosy atmosphere of a crackling fire into your home? An electric fireplace offers the solution. Of course, switching on the heating function is not a must.

10. Energy Efficient

Last but not least: an electric fireplace has a low energy consumption. The heat that radiates from the fireplace remains in the room and does not disappear through a chimney. In addition, you only heat the room needing a warmer temperature at that moment instead of warming the entire house, which is common while using a central heating system. As a consequence, the space you are warming is limited. An electric fireplace is, therefore, both good for the ambience, the environment and for your wallet!