22 December 2020

Enjoy cosiness 

Winter days radiate an extraordinary magic in your own home. When it is darker and colder outside, cosiness, light and warmth play an even more important role inside than usual. It is nice to feel a sense of security with all your senses. Resi Colter has discovered a particularly pleasant way to enjoy this flair for herself: with a Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplace - a view of the play of flames in her PURVIEW™ offers her dreamlike relaxation.

Expert for magical interior design

As an interior decorator, furnishing consultant and decor lover, Resi Colter knows what makes the difference between a beautiful and a very beautiful home. With a great passion for craftsmanship, the home expert hosted hit shows such as "Zuhause im Glück - Unser Einzug in ein neues Leben" or "Unsere schöne gemeinsame Wohnung". Resi Colter has an eye for detail, the mix of old and new combined with technical refinements - as offered by the Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplace.

Purist design and colourful play of flames

It is something like love at first sight that inspires Resi Colter about her Napoleon Premium Fire: a fire experience at the touch of a button and a wonderful furnishing accessory that is easy to assemble and can be integrated into various styles of living. With its puristic design and the colourful play of flames, the electric fire gives her great moments in her own home. Which she always redesigns in a mix of natural colours and home accessories. And the fact that these moments also fall during the Christmas season makes the magical effect even cosier: a cosy atmosphere immediately takes hold. Hectic, stress and tension practically go up in flames. And there are not even any "ashes" left over, because there are none with an electric fireplace.

The Christmas tree goes - the Napoleon Premium Fire stays

The unique atmosphere of Christmas is limited in time. But the special flair of a Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplace remains - all year round. Impressive light effects, colourful design fire and cosy warmth - it's a magic that never fails to delight. Fast, uncomplicated and at the touch of a button. This is how fire works today.

Click here for Resi Colter's home inspirations with her Napoleon Premium Fire electric fireplace. (Link: https://www.instagram.com/resi_colter/)