1 December 2020


When was the last time you were happy about a gift you received? Or when you yourself handed over a gift that went down well? Most of the time, we can't wait to unwrap it ourselves or to watch the recipient finally reveal the secret of its contents.

Gifts signal our appreciation

Gifts may come from the heart, mean mutual appreciation and show: I have thought of you and put my own interests aside. In the search for a suitable gift, I put myself in the recipient's shoes and asked myself what he or she might like or remembered things that he or she might have mentioned before. Sometimes, while shopping, we discover something that fits - even if the said gift-giving day is still on.

Special gifts for special occasions

Giving gifts is a pleasure - and on special occasions even more so. Studies on this subject shed light on why this is so. They say: we generally like to give gifts because it is good for us in particular. And a study by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research adds: 87 percent of Germans are not only happy to receive presents at Christmas, but also to give presents themselves.

Tradition and culture

The tradition of giving Christmas presents has been around since the 13th century. But even much earlier, gifts were distributed on a wide variety of occasions: Giving presents is a piece of internationally lived culture and belongs to the roots of human history. That is why there is not just one, but several theories about it. One theory is that we give a gift because we want to get to know him or her better. Another theory is that the purpose of giving gifts is to make peace among neighbours. Either way, gifts are worth the surprise. Beautifully wrapped and in an atmospheric setting, it's not only the paper in which the gift is wrapped that crackles.

Especially festive in the Christmas glow

In the Christmas glow, a gift also makes our eyes shine. But the anticipation of what lies under the Christmas tree, beautifully wrapped - whether large or small - is more exciting than the unwrapping itself. Yet it is interesting to watch how we unwrap. Some celebrate the moment: slowly untying the ribbon and tape from the wrapping paper or reading the card before opening the present. Others are more impatient and tear the paper open right away. And then comes the moment: does it please, does it fit, is it a real surprise? But even if it was chosen, procured and packaged with great effort - yes, sometimes it didn't quite meet the taste: In the end, it is nice to simply say thank you for the effort and appreciation and for thinking of me. Let us look forward to our special gift being well received.